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Conscious Leadership and Peacebuilding ECHO

In collaboration with the Conscious Coalition, SuDRO will launch its first ECHO program in Sudan: Conscious Leadership and Peacebuilding ECHO. This exciting program will include a series of ECHO Sessions Connecting Leadership and Peace /Conflict Resolution and connect world-renowned Subject Matter Experts with Sudanese youth, women, health professional students and graduates, Ministry of Health Members, engineering students and graduates, and University Staff and Medical Students. The goal of the program is to enhance leadership and conflict resolution skills. This will be followed by intensive Training of the Trainers ECHO to establish sustainable on-the ground community leadership and peacebuilding training programs.

Sessions will be held every first and third Thursdays each month from 4:00 to 6:00 pm Sudan time. We’re esteemed to invite you to attend the Launching and the first session on the next Thursday 4th of August 4:00 pm Sudan time.
Please follow the link below and register to attend the session.
Session link:
Conscious Leadership and Peacebuilding Sessions


Session 1 Outward Mindset
Types of Mindsets-Self Betrayal
Session 2 Outward Mindset
Inward Styles- Collusion
Session 3 Outward Mindset
How to Turn Outward -Influence Pyramid
Session 4 Anchored Leader
States of Awareness -Importance of Central Nervous System Regulation- Set the Tone
Session 5 Anchored Leader
Self Regulation for Coherence, Clarity, Calm, Confidence, Cohesion- Create the Energetic Space
Session 6 Conscious Leadership -Servant Leadership
Benefits, Principles and Characteristics of Servant Leadership
Session 7 Conscious Leadership-Operational Excellence
Responsibility-Authority and Expectations -Ability, Delegation and Follow Through

ECHO Project Director

Dr. Fadul is an Assistant Dean and Professor of Medicine at the Division of Infectious Diseases, University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC). She completed her medical degree from the University of Khartoum-Faculty of Medicine in Sudan and subsequently completed her training in the US. She has published in peer-reviewed journals, authored and coauthored several abstracts and book chapters, presented her research at national and international meetings, and mentored several students and trainees. She served on several committees at the IDSA and HIVMA. She is active in advocacy for humanitarian issues facing Sudan and volunteers at several local and national community organizations; is the Vice-Chair of the Sudanese American Public Affairs Association ( and the Association of Sudanese American Professors in America( She enjoys writing Arabic poetry, reading, and traveling with her family.

Project Coordinator

Lana Ismail- is a graduate of Ahfad University for Women and is currently the Coordinator of the CMRT Program. She has served in leadership positions within several student organizations in Sudan.

Subject Matter Experts

Bernard Amadei – PHD University of Colorado, Conscious Coalition, Board Chairman, Engineers Without Borders USA founder, Engineers Without Borders International co-founder, former US Dept of State Science Envoy to Pakistan and Nepal                                                           

Lydia Radnik- AG Insights Founder /Director professional executive coach certified by the International Coach Federation. Arbinger Institute (Leadership /Anatomy of Peace) Trainer. Stagen Leadership Academy Executive Trainer /Program Facilitator.  Dual career in public accounting and academia. Lydia’s coaching practice includes a diverse mix of clients, including partners, directors and senior managers in public accounting, CFOs, COOs, HR leaders, consultants, marketing and sales executives, mental and social health professionals and leaders in academia. Lydia coaches individuals and teams to realize their full potential by being honest, caring and courageous enough to implement lasting, positive changes to achieve better results.                                    

Michael Bezdek- CEO Managing Director Conscious Coalition, Cornell University Conflict Resolution+ Agile Leadership Specialist, Arbinger Institute (Leadership /Anatomy of Peace) Trainer, United States Institute of Peace Conflict Transformation Certifications. Former career in investment banking and senior executive roles in multiple international corporations.                                                            

Jeff Banman- Recognized leader in the area of human performance and behavior in high stress environments. Pioneer in developing distinct methods for regulating the central nervous system resulting in exceptional levels of performance with Government Officials, Business Leaders, Professional Athletes and Special Forces Operations.                                                     

Rob McNamara -Author, advisor, consultant and leadership coach with an expertise in adult development and human performance. He is a co-founder of the advisory firm Delta Developmental. Rob serves on faculty at the Ivey School of Business’ LIFT Advanced Coaching Program. McNamara currently advises and coaches initiatives advancing National Security efforts and provides learning, development and educational direction for individuals, organizations and governments navigating civilizational transitions. Rob’s current areas of focus join meta-psychology, ethics, leadership development and human performance. Rob Holds an MA in Psychology and Harvard University Teaching Fellowl